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Symphonies are architected with classical rigor for the modern audience. Works are original and follow relevant theoretical reflections; driven and inspired by models found in cosmology, philosophy, nature, and geometry. The abstraction of values, properties, and sequences applied to instruments breathes life into the symphonies. Instrumenthesia was born. Pairing is and being inspire romance and harmony, this synthesis gives rise to sound, with purpose. Because, ultimately, there is nothing without interpretation. 


Composers: apostolos stefanopoulos, saad ali

Vocals: andrijana janevska



Symphony No. 1, Cosmos

Cosmos captures the greatest story ever told: the universe. Symphony No.1, is a 13.8-billion-year old cosmological journey. Cosmos follows a path from darkness into light, order into disorder, and death into life. Harmony rests within the passage of time. The rhythm echoes pressures during the space-time odyssey: an eternal voyage that has been and always will be, forever and ever. For the first time, instruments define the universe, they answer the calls of our distant ancestors who now have a chance to perform for a moment in time, the greatest miracle of all: life. Movements are inspired and shaped by the theoretical events and considerations of the Big Bang Model. It is within the capability of all of us to understand our beginnings, and Cosmos offers an alternative musical narrative, filled with drama, romance, passion, and ultimately: obscurity of what will be.

Symphony No. 1, Cosmos is composed of four movements:

                Events                                                                                Tracks

1.             Big Bang & Inflation                                                          Genesis

2.             Grand Unification, The Primordial Era                            Darkness Fades to Light 

3.             Matter Domination & Galaxies                                        Eternal Voyage

4.             Human Life                                                                        Fireside Stories

            Cosmos (All Movements)